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Описание и правила онлайн игры little soldiers:

You are an elite soldier to go through a number of difficulties and risks. You are a little solider assigned to complete dangerous tasks. You will try to survive and conquer all hardships. It is easy to play and you can just use your mouse to move the soldier. Just click the position that you want the soldier to go. But that is not all. There are many sharp spikes on your way, and once you are careless to fall down upon these spikes, the game is over. You can collect bullets, hammer, bricks and other necessary items on your adventure. When you find some obstacles or no way to go, you can use bullets to shoot or explode for a new way. Maybe you can also make use of the bricks to build a path in order to move forward. Hammer can be used to dig through a wall. Do you want to know more? Join and good luck!

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